“If there’s one thing young adults can agree on, it is that baby boomers have ruined the world,” writes David Brooks in his NYT opinion piece on Aug 8, 2019, Your Baby Boomer Report Card. He gives us an A in Social Movements, Popular Culture and Lifestyle, Cs in Politics and Morals and Manners. Stewardship of the planet is not a graded subject in Mr. Brooks’ assessment of my generation, although that is what I expected from his opening quote.
I am afraid he would have had to assign a D. Some recycling, more electric cars, solar panels here and there have not stopped the climate crisis; we, the boomers, stood by in disbelief how quickly climate change became climate collapse, and we realize now that we did too little.
Thank heavens millennials are stepping up to the task with fervent demands like the Green New Deal, with incredible courage (16 year old Greta Thunberg has no time for timidness when addressing politicians and economic big-wigs), with calls to ACTION like the upcoming Climate Strike.
What’s our, the boomers’ place in this movement?
I see it as threefold:
One, show up. We have to join the climate strikers in force. They are our children and grandchildren fighting for their future! Details about the strike and related activities are right here in this newsletter. More will be coming to your e-mail in-boxes; please stay tuned.
Two, help spread the word. Most of us are using social media, are members of clubs and groups, have a sizable e-mail list of friends and family; it’s time for us to use our connections to energize and mobilize as many climate allies as possible.
And last, not least at all, help with money. Please donate as generously as you possibly can to one or several of the organizing groups.
See you on September 20 for the Climate Strike and throughout the following week for more activities.
Written by: Elisabeth Gick – 350CO Board