While we’ll all celebrate the end of 2020 on January 1st, we must hit the ground running to reshape our world to ensure the system transformation we need in 2021. Colorado’s leaders must show up in big ways and come through on their promises for bold climate action that actually keep fossil fuels in the ground and bring about decarbonization in time. As Bill McKibben, founder of 350, has reminded us, winning slowly is losing. Here are a few things we want to see happen next year with your help:

A divestment commitment from Colorado’s Public Employee Retirement Association 

We must stop the money pipeline that funds fossil fuel extraction and production within our own state and beyond. Colorado’s Public Employee Retirement Fund (PERA) has upwards of $1.5 billion invested in over 300 oil, gas and coal companies, including notorious polluters like Extraction Oil and Gas and Suncor. In 2021, 350CO and partners hope to secure a commitment from PERA to divest from coal and all fossil fuels shortly thereafter.

Pass public banking legislation in Colorado

Colorado’s Public Banking Coalition is working to create state and local public banks that are socially and environmentally responsible, keep our money working for our communities, and tap the lowest rates available, broadening options beyond Wall Street banking entities. 

Secure a commitment to rapidly phase out fracked gas extraction in Colorado

Instead of securing adequate closure of Colorado’s many existing wells or phasing out industries like fracking, the Polis administration plans to increase fracked gas production by 30% this next decade. We are looking to turn this around and fully phase out fracking in the state no later than 2030.

Ensure Xcel commits to closing all coal plants by 2025 or earlier

Currently, Xcel Energy plans to use coal-fired energy into 2070, but 350CO and other coalition partners are making a new set of expectations known for Xcel’s upcoming Electric Resource Plan. Not least, the fastest, most reliable, and affordable way for Colorado to decarbonize 26% by 2025 is to close coal and get to at least 75% renewable electricity by 2025 and 98% by 2030.  Any utility calling itself “Public Service Co” can do no less.

Enable a Just Transition for Fossil Fuel Workers 

In order to ensure a just, equitable, and rapid transition from fossil fuels to renewable energy, Colorado must protect frontline communities and workers. Currently, Colorado’s Just Transition Office only includes provisions for coal workers. 350CO and allies will work to expand this office to include oil and gas workers and ensure retraining and other supports are provided while expanding our renewable energy workforce and income streams for stable communities.

Ban gas heating in new buildings

The movement for electrification is gaining steam across the U.S. and around the world. To reduce the demand for fracked gas, we must alter the ways we heat and power our buildings. A key step to enabling that transition is banning gas heating in new buildings, also enabling greater health and less asthma. San Francisco and other cities have recently banned gas in new building construction, avoiding costly later retrofits. Colorado must be next! 

Help make these goals a reality 

What we can accomplish in 2021 depends on YOU. Please support 350CO now so we can plan our biggest push ever, in the year ahead.  All of us will need to pull hard, using our full networks and all the time we can muster to make these changes and turn the tide in the year ahead. We can do it— because we care and are committed to getting the job done!

Please help us raise $80,000 by January 1st to ensure we have the staff capacity to organize strategic campaigns, recruit thousands of volunteers, and mobilize the movement we need! Thanks to our generous matching committee, today your donation will be MATCHED! Double your impact and our ability to secure our fossil-free future by making a donation here.