My name is Maya Beauvineau, and I am 16 years old. Fear and a sense of helplessness brought me to climate action. The truth is that climate change is terrifying, and the feeling of not being able to do anything about it is even worse. Thankfully, I discovered the cure to despair by taking action. At the beginning of 2019, inspired by Greta Thunberg and youth across the world, I began walking out of school on Fridays. 

When I was nominated to be a youth lead during the September climate strikes, 350CO staff and volunteers went out of their way to provide support, training, and advice to all youth involved and made great efforts to genuinely consider our ideas and involve us on every level. 

Today I am encouraging you to take action by supporting 350 Colorado with a donation so they can continue to support youth like me in standing up for the future we deserve. 

In 2020, I pledge to demand a ban on fracking in Boulder County. The biggest fracking site in the state of Colorado is proposed to be developed only a few miles from my school in Niwot. t. Not only do I attend Niwot as a student, but my dad works there as a teacher, and I have many friends who live in the town of Niwot. The negative health and environmental impacts of fracking are well known. It is intolerable that fracking cites continue to be approved at such a high rate in Colorado, especially at a time when it is paramount that all fossil fuel extraction be halted immediately to preserve the environment and the wellbeing of citizens. I will work alongside 350 CO in pursuit of a ban on fracking in Boulder County, I will make my voice heard at County Commissioner hearings, and I will encourage more youth to do the same.

Now, whenever I’m in need of inspiration and motivation, I look back to that feeling of empowerment I cultivated through action, and I know that hard work and dedication are the keys to gratification and reassurance, facing the climate crisis.

Until we win,

Maya Beauvineau