Posted on behalf of Bob Parker with 350 Central Colorado…

Wow what an active week for 350 Central Colorado this was.

Nothing would have happened were it not for you folks who put up with our emails and calls, planned, coordinated, stood up, drove, marched, made signs, photographed, spoke out and had a great time throughout working two different events in two cities a hundred miles apart.
Mel's photo of new banner with members in Colorado Springs

Our first action was to support the Great Climate March when it arrived in Colorado Springs from the Pacific Coast. A substantial group of people young and old have dedicated several months of their lives to walk from The Pacific Ocean to Washington DC, They are promoting awareness to the Changing Climate and the huge impacts this is beginning to have on our world and our lives.

Janet Engel, Mel and Bernice Strawn, Liz Eckler, Mary Lou Church, Kay Parker and I traveled in two cars to Acacia Park in downtown Colorado Springs to walk with the marchers in solidarity and participate in their Rally. For most this was a long two hundred mile day.

Four days later we repeated the whole organizational process to be an active and important part of this year’s FIBArk Parade. It was our first time in a full blown parade, yet we couldn’t have been prouder as eighteen of us guided our new banner, walked, pedaled our bicycles, carried our signs and placards, and even drove and rode through downtown Salida to a cacophony of cheers, waves and supporters.

Mel's photo of Great Climate March  1
Marianne Wancura, Kay Parker carried the banner, Giles and Leon, two young men who spontaneously joined us just before the parade, Ralph Parker, Susan Spohn, Louise Fish, Ted Fish, Rich Tyler and even Jimmy (Rocketman) Descant rode bicycles, Mel and Bernice Strawn, Mary Lou Church and I walked with our signs and Sue McDonald drove her Element carrying Dan Smith who is recovering from surgery. Lee Coveney photographed our procession from all angles.
Thanks also go out to Melissa Goforth, Scott Engel, Forrest Whitman and Betsy Wallace for their logistical efforts and to Mel Lee who got us on local television.
We consider this week a big success. Thank you all for making it happen!

The more people we make aware of Climate Change, the better chance we have of helping humanity and our fellow travelers on our Earth survive.

We’ll be talking soon,
Bob and Kay
350 Central Colorado at FIBArk Parade