Dear friends of awareness and friends of Mother Earth,
In the spirit of solidarity and awareness, I am sending this announcement to various sangha friends so that practitioners have the opportunity to attend the presentation to learn more about the deeper issues and awareness raised from Standing Rock, and also so that practitioners have the opportunity to support the efforts.
You might not be able to drive 12 hours (or probably 19 hours in snowy road conditions) each direction to Standing Rock, North Dakota … you might not want to camp in sub-freezing temperatures in a tent or tipi at Standing Rock … you might not want to take weeks off from your job and forfeit your income … but you have the easy opportunity to attend the presentation in Denver on Sunday, January 22, and support the cause and awareness.   (It’s only a short drive, and you don’t have to camp out in a tent in the snow in the church parking lot.)
Thank you so much for your support, interest, and participation.
joseph medicine robe
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Community Forum of First Universalist Church – Sunday, January 22,  12:30 p.m.
at First Plymouth Congregational Church of Denver,  La Foret Room, 2nd  Floor,
3501 S. Colorado Blvd., CO  80113 –
(SW corner of E. Hampden Ave. & S. Colorado Blvd.)
Water is Life: Standing Rock and Beyond – with Joseph Medicine Robe
What has been taking place at Standing Rock, North Dakota, over the past 10 months is an inspiration and a wake-up call that has brought millions of people across the United States and the world to stand in solidarity with Standing Rock, including over 400 Indigenous Nations worldwide, thousands of Interfaith Clergy, teachers, farmers, veterans, Resolutions from numerous City Councils across the US, and people from all walks of life.  
Joseph Medicine Robe will offer a revealing and expanded PowerPoint presentation that examines the awareness that has blossomed from the issues that have been raised from Standing Rock.  His PowerPoint presentation will include:  the preciousness of water;  care for Mother Earth and care for the climate;  healing and transformation;  historical context;  “Doctrine of Discovery”;  treaties;  access to clean water;  the numerous oil pipelines throughout the United States;  some examples of oil pipeline spills;  whistleblower testimony;  excessive force by the police and DAPL;  violation of civil rights;  key events at Standing Rock and current status;  media coverage, consolidation and control;  the banks and financing of big oil and related industries;  other environmental issues;  major oil reserves in the world;  corporatocracy;  and what we, as concerned citizens and caretakers of Mother Earth, can do to address these issues.
Please join us for this rare opportunity to look at the connections and to more deeply understand what is taking place in our society.   Preceding the presentation, Joseph will offer a traditional Lakota prayer song on the Native flute, to set the tone and establish our prayer.
Since September, Joseph Medicine Robe has made three trips to Standing Rock Reservation, delivering supplies and giving support.  On his third trip to Standing Rock (from November 23 to December 7), he was able to participate in a powerful silent peace walk led by hundreds of women, and witness the gathering of hundreds of Interfaith Clergy and 4,000 veterans who had come to stand in solidarity with the movement and with protecting the water.
In addition to supporting the efforts at Standing Rock, over the past several decades Joseph Medicine Robe has been actively involved in volunteer and spiritual work on Pine Ridge Reservation, South Dakota, assisting elders and at-risk-youth, and working with a number of medicine elders over the years.  Also, since 1996, Joseph has been an ordained lay clergy member of the Order of Interbeing, under the tutelage of Buddhist teacher Venerable Thich Nhat Hanh.  The Order of Interbeing was established on the principles and practice of engaged compassion, alleviating suffering, service and compassion-in-action, and was founded in Vietnam in the 1960s during the height of the US war on Vietnam.