The holidays are all about giving thanks for all of the wonderful people in our lives that help make our movement possible. This month we would like to highlight Robert (Bob) and Kay Parker as our next Climate Heroes!

Ask anyone about Bob and Kay Parker and a smile will light up their faces. Not only are they committed members of our board of directors, they are also team leaders for our 350 Central Colorado Team. Their generosity and kindness goes without question! Each year they donate their home and beautiful property for our annual Convergence. For a whole weekend, Bob and Kay take our us in like family and create a positive atmosphere for our annual strategic planning and some campfire bonding.

Bob is a professional sculptor, painter and photographer. Bob and Kay own Itty Bitty Lakes in Bighorn Sheep Canyon, Coaldale, Colorado. Itty Bitty Lakes houses an art gallery, studios, several indoor and outdoor animal friends, a small campground on the wild Arkansas River, the community Post Office, and the couple themselves. Bob is a retired firefighter and Kay is also active in her church and works to help people of faith become aware of Climate Change. Their bright and creative personalities show in their work and events. From the fantastic Parade of the Species in April to their eye-catching and educational booth at farmers markets, there is no question that their involvement continues to spice up the movement.

We are so grateful for Bob and Kay’s commitment to the climate movement and to 350 Colorado. Special thanks to Slushy, Bob and Kay’s pet polar bear, who continues to excite and engage youth across the state!

“This beautiful location represents to me what we stand to lose forever if the climate continues to spiral out towards creating an Earth that is not habitable to life as we know it. For 16 years I was a volunteer firefighter. Sometimes we were sent to one of several states to fight federal wildfires. I watched the immediate results of dramatic heating and drying in the American West. Upon retiring from firefighting and learning of the efforts of Bill McKibben fighting to keep fossil fuels in the ground I decided to join him and fight the Earth’s greatest wildfire of all time – Climate Change.” – Bob Parker

“I want my children and grandchildren and all of the young people on Earth to have a beautiful and livable home to be healthy, happy, have clean air to breath, clean water to drink and nutritious food to eat.  My vision for our future has no chance of happening unless we keep all fossil fuels in the ground. This is what motivates me to be an Activist in the streets and out of my comfort zone – and boy is it ever out of my comfort zone.” – Kay Parker

Here are some wonderful things that people have said about Bob and Kay:

“Without the 4 Parkers: Kay, Bob, Mary Lou and Cindy there wouldn’t be a 350 Central Colorado, no parade of the species, no Slushy, no generous and fun hosting of the annual convergence (and so much more ); there  would be a lot less passion and fire!”

“Anyone who spent 27 sleep-deprived hours to go to Lincoln, NE for the March to Give Keystone XL the Boot is committed to the Keep It In The Ground mission of 350 Colorado. Bob and Kay not only did that, but drove

 3 hours each way to get to the bus. Leading 350 Central Colorado demonstrates more commitment and hosting the State-wide Convergence helps us all build the personal connections we need to continue the growth of our organization. Bob and Kay do these things with such joy it is easy to overlook the sacrifices required in their lives to make ours better.”

“Hands down no one works harder for climate change than Bob and Kay and Mary lou Parker!!”