Think globally, act locally! Grassroots action is where we can have the greatest impact, and when we combine efforts across our network, we are far stronger than the sum of our parts. We’re excited that our network in Colorado is growing! 

Thanks so much to local 350 team leaders in Fort Collins and Colorado Springs who have launched new local 350 teams.  And these teams are already accomplishing fantastic things, with the 350 Ft. Collins team hosting a screening of “Dear Governor Hickenlooper” on Feb. 2nd and planning a #NoTarSands action on Global Divestment Day Feb. 14th. On the same day, the new 350 Colorado Springs team is organizing a Valentines Day-themed divestment action. 

Contact Shelby Robinson in Ft. Collins (350fortcollins@gmail.comor Laura van der Pol ( in Colorado Springs to get involved. 

If you would like to start a local 350 team in your region, contact