By Riley Ruff – 350Co Intern

After months of strikes occurring all over the world, the global strike urging students and adults alike to take action approaches. Created and incited by young people, the most recent wave of climate activism is being driven by students stepping up and taking action. As the September 20th global climate strike approaches, we are highlighting some of the voices behind the Denver climate movement. Many of these people are students in the Denver metro area who are passionate about the environment and doing their part to advocate for change and make their voices heard.

From left to right Liam Grove (blue shirt), Morgan Davis (with sign) and

Jacob Baca (with sign) at a Denver Climate Strike and Rally

Jacob Baca, Senior at Standley Lake High School

“I think that climate strikes are vital to raise awareness and show peoples’ desire to protect the Earth. This advocacy is important to not only spread the movement but pivotal in showing the lawmakers that people care about climate change and force them to take action to regulate big corporations who contribute and perpetuate the problem. I also feel motivated and unified when I’m surrounded by people who are likewise trying to reduce their waste and want to see a prosperous future for the earth, which makes me more inspired and devoted.”

Liam Grove, Junior at Regis Jesuit High School

“What motivates me to get involved is that quite simply this is our future. My future, your future, and every living organism’s future. The people in power won’t have to suffer the same fate, “they’ll die of old age, and we’ll die of climate change,” as someone’s well-written sign said.”

Morgan Davis, Senior at Wheat Ridge High School

“I strike because why not? When I don’t have anything to do, why not try to do something to make a difference in the world?”

Hannah Grove, Junior at High Mountain Institute

“ [I] am part of this movement to be an influencer, to educate myself, and to be open to productive conversations. But I am emotionally driven to take action because civil rights and human rights are things that I am incredibly passionate about. And as a woman who stands with and for others, I need to recognize that climate change is not just an economic, political, and environmental issue: it is a human rights issue. I stand up because everyone should have the opportunity to fall in love with the world in which they are grown. I fight because the people who have the smallest footprints are the ones being most affected by climate change. This is an issue that -logically and emotionally- I can’t let go untreated.“

Megan Neufeld, Junior at Silver Creek High School

“I originally became involved with the climate movement after it dawned on me that any hopes or dreams I have for my future are meaningless if there is not a livable future to look forward to. After becoming more involved, I’ve realized that taking action continues to be important not just for my future, but for how climate change will affect everyone around the world at different magnitudes. Climate change makes me feel hopeless but becoming involved with the climate movement shows me I can play a part in making a difference and that there are amazing people who already are.”

Ian Thom, Intern at 350 Colorado

“The climate crisis is all-encompassing — it impacts every person and every aspect of our society. An issue with such a broad reach and dire repercussions must be addressed, for the health and safety of those living today and generations to come depend upon it. The urgency of the problems we face precipitates the need for action, for without action the status quo that has lead to the current disaster will remain in place. To change this status quo will require the collective work of masses of people around the globe. When I look back on my life I want to know that I contributed all I could to help this movement bring about the change that we so desperately need!”

Giselle Herzfeld, Intern at 350 Colorado

“Climate change is the existential crisis of our generation, and the urgency of this escalating crisis requires a break from the status quo at every level. I am striking because I believe that there is nothing more important to fight for than the continuation of all life on this planet. I am striking to bring a voice to the voiceless: to all the trees being massacred for profit, to all the animal species that will not last another generation, and to the countless individuals whose beautiful lives will be torn away with each new climate catastrophe.  I want the powers that be to hear the voices of our generation echo in unison all over the world as we fight to reclaim our future. Because really, what do we have to lose?”