Posted on behalf of Mel Strawn, co-chair for the 350 Central Colorado team…AIbEiAIAAABECPbTwOe31qbq3gEiC3ZjYXJkX3Bob3RvKig3MzRmZWEwNjhiNTJkOWIzOTczZWI2ZTMyNTMwNTViZDFmNGQyZDZkMAGmm8oZgHVEYrwIrNUC3_4rLRf1mw

  I am, like most or all people, many things. (Walt Whitman said something like that….). Some are or were: artist, educator, administrator, parent and grand parent, truck driver, soldier, retired, fisherman, tennis player…and reader. I’ve followed for over 45 years the emerging story of earth’s ecology, its history and prospects. The accumulating scientific evidence of exponential, out of balance changes in the planet’s life and environment and the near-term threat to our habitat, all life’s habitat, seems irrefutable. This presented to me an ethical/moral choice: learn more and take action to enhance awareness of others within reach or pursue the day-to-day, seemingly “normal” course of my life in my little corner of the world (much easier). After trying other channels (working within the Democratic Party for change or priorities for some years) and having developed a small group of like-concerned people in my community, I, and we, decided to link with adding our little bit to the collective effort, adding to and benefiting from the now global reach of 350. Saying this, I want to add that, since 350’s founding by Bill McKibben, the numbers have changed, the 350ppm was passed years ago and the 2 degreeC target of a “safe” global temperature is misleading; over 1 degree is disastrous and we are very close to that already. Reports of relevant studies and projections are updated constantly. They are readily available in books and internet links. We should be constantly updating our own awareness and ways of sharing–concerns and actions. I now have a great grandson; I want him to have a chance at life when I am gone.