Jessicas memeMy family has lived in Colorado for three generations. I always knew there was a lot of oil and gas production here, but I thought that they would never put wells anywhere near homes or schools. I was wrong.

Now Synergy Resources Corp is putting one in just a block away from my children’s future middle school, and another by an elementary school and preschool. The representative from Synergy said it would be safe, that they were going to do it the right way — but last year Colorado averaged two spills a day at oil and gas facilities throughout the state.

There have been far too many mistakes, and no one should have to live with that risk. We can no longer sit by and say nothing while one community after another is subjected to this danger.

That’s why I’m standing up with my community at the Break Free Front Line Fracking Defense event on May 14thin Colorado. Will you join us?

Its not as if there aren’t a plethora of alternative options for energy production. A just transition to 100% renewable energy will benefit workers, our environment, our climate, and the health and safety of families like mine.

I am excited that co-founder Bill McKibben will be joining people from across the region to support our stand against Synergy and the other oil and gas developers that have their eye on our neighborhoods.

This isn’t just about us, after all. This is about every community under siege from oil and gas development. Join our call for a just transition to clean energy.

In addition to the Frontline Fracking Defense on the 14th, there will also be a protest against selling our public lands for fracking on May 12th.

Click here to find out more about both actions next week, and to sign up for more detailed information.

Last week the Colorado Supreme Court invalidated the local bans on fracking that so many of us have fought for. It’s so clear that this industry has no respect for us, and that their friends in government won’t stand up to them. It will be up to all of us, together, to break free from fossil fuels.

With hope and determination,

Jessica Stone Troy, Break Free Colorado

P.S. Can’t attend a Break Free action but want to support the courageous people on the ground? Be a Digital Witness and let Break Free participants know they’re not alone.