oil-dependence to local resilienceThis Saturday, Sept. 12, 2-5pm, we’re throwing a garden party with a purpose – a “Fossil Free Your Life” Garden Party – and YOU’RE INVITED! Location: 2861 Ellison Place, Boulder.

The party is at our director’s home, which has many fossil free features to spotlight like a net zero energy solar PV system, plug-in car, energy efficiency, fossil free home heating, solar dryer ;), edible gardens, greenhouse, bee hive, chickens, and more. Several area businesses and nonprofits will be there to help shed light on the multitude of ways that we can all begin to transition off fossil fuels in our everyday lives – through energy efficiency, renewables, transportation choices, growing more of our own food, reducing consumption and waste, and more. We will have learning stations set up in and around the home for participants to learn more.

Avery has donated great local beer, and we’ll have lots of yummy local organic food – should be a really fun event! Please join in! RSVP and invite friends on Facebook here! (Or share this blog on Twitter/email.)

See you soon!

350 CO Team